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Thinking about getting to the cloud can seem… overwhelming. With so many platforms, decision points, and a mountain of services available it can prevent organizations from even getting started. But the fact remains, moving to the cloud allows your business to remain competitive in today’s fast-moving and constantly changing world. This is where a relationship with Taos pays dividends. We’ve been there before, with many clients across industries and scales of complexity.

We'll meet you wherever you are:


If you’re not currently harnessing the power of the cloud, our Professional Services team can spearhead the roapmapping, design, and architecture of a migration to Amazon Web Services.


Already utilizing AWS? Taos Technical Consulting can provide hands-on expertise to integrate into your environment and supplement your team.


Once you’re on the platform, Taos Cloud Managed Services will support and manage your AWS environment - allowing your business to run smoothly.

As an Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner, Taos can help your business take advantage of the massive scale and extensive offerings of AWS. And, with over 90 AWS Certifications across our organization, Taos technologists are experienced and knowledgeable across the entire spectrum of AWS services. Let our experts do the heavy lifting while you focus on your business.

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With over 90 AWS Certifications across Taos, our certified technologists are experienced and knowledgeable across the spectrum of AWS services.

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Our Team of experts will guide your aws journey through all migration phases:

1) Migration Initiation

  • Business Overview & Strategy Review
  • Cloud Economics (TCO) Assessment 
  • Security & Risk Assessment 

2) Application Discovery

  • Portfolio Assessment 
  • Application Cloud Fit Assessment 
  • Application Review & Priority Assessment 
  • Total Cost of Ownership Review
  • Infrastructure Analysis
  • Account Governance

3) Migration Design

  • Architect Future State Infrastructure 
  • Review and Benchmark 
  • Establish Migration Pattern & Tooling 
  • Develop Migration Implementation Plan

4) Migration

  • Deploy Core Infrastructure 
  • Migration Test Run 
  • On-Premise Readiness 
  • Migrate
5) Integration
  • Infrastructure 
  • Applications
  • Operations
6) Validation
  • Audit
  • Review

We Lift the Cloud Migration Burden Off Your Shoulders.

Cloud-based computing introduces a radical shift in how technology is obtained, used, and managed, as well as how organizations budget and pay for technology services. With the AWS cloud platform, teams can easily configure and launch new computing environments in a manner of minutes.

Organizations can optimize spending with the ability to quickly reconfigure the computing environment to adapt to changing business requirements. Capacity can be automatically scales – up or down – to meet fluctuating usage patterns. Services can be temporarily taken offline or shit down permanently as business demands dictate. Additionally, pay-per-use billing makes AWS services an operational expense rather than a capital expense.

With Taos and Amazon Web Services, you can:

  • Take advantage of the most services, storage options, and security controls available
  • Deliver on stringent standards with the platform that holds the broadest set of certifications, accreditations, and controls in the industry
  • Get deep assistance with our cloud-focused enterprise professional services, support, and training teams


As Taos manages your AWS environment, we will constantly seek ways to improve and optimize. Our teams find the best AWS services and instance types for your business while automating at every opportunity, passing the cost and time savings on to you.

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Strategy Consulting Architecture

Utilize the expertise of Taos Talent to help you architect an optimized environment using AWS solutions. We guide you through portfolio analysis, new project identification, migration analysis, and ROI/TCO analysis, all with an eye towards innovation and agility.

Application Development Intigration & Migration

Let Taos implement the design of your AWS environment. Our Professional Services team will save you from worrying about the development, integration, and migration of workloads to AWS.

Managed Infrastructure Application Services

Leave the management and monitoring of your AWS applications and workloads in the capable hands of our Cloud Managed Services team. With customizable service levels, you can find the right fit for your environment and budget.


As a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Taos will help your business take advantage of the massive scale and extensive offerings of Amazon Web Services. 

Taos has nearly 30 years of experience providing our clients with world-class support. Our technology and industry-agnostic approach allows us to deliver the best possible solutions to over 1,000 diverse companies.

Further, we understand your urgency and passion, and take it on as our own. Over the years, Taos has grown and added more service offerings to keep pace with the evolution of technology and the needs of our clients. We tackle the “how” of your biggest technology challenges so you can get back to business.


with you... every step of the way.


Plan. Build. Run. Automate.

The comprehensive Taos 360* offering covers the full spectrum. We not only help you strategize, we are master practitioners that deliver, maintain, and optimize your IT environment at any point in your path to the cloud. This 360* platform is driven by top talent, cutting-edge technology, and tools that deliver hyper scalability.

Taos helps CxOs and engineers at some of the most innovative companies around the world plan, build, run, and automate mission-critical technology. From operational support to DevOps and cloud advisory services, we accelerate complex and challenging projects that keep systems running and employees productive. Taos delivers an end-to-end experience from strategy to adoption and everything inbetween.

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Navigate to the aws cloud with taos certified experts.

When customers move to the AWS Cloud, we find they can get more done with less. By working with AWS, you're able to lower some of the traditional costs your customers face, including infrastructure costs, workload management, and internal planning and procurement. You have a unique opportunity to reduce costs for your customers, which results in increased opportunity for them to pursue additional projects, and increased opportunity for your firm. And you can help customers digitally transform on AWS by taking advantage of AWS services to drive innovation within their company.


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Plan. Build. Run. Automate. The comprehensive Taos Cloud 360° offering covers the full spectrum. We not only help you strategize, we are master practitioners that deliver, maintain, and optimize your IT environment at any point in your path to the cloud. 

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